Odiham: Twinned With Sordeval

This is my final major project which i am currently working on. It is a scoial documentary featuring the north Hampshire village of Odiham. It is about sense of place and discusses the idea of a particular scenery or location within a rural landscape/village which on the surface could be seen in any other similar place in the country or on the planet, however in exploring a place thoroughly enough, particular chracterisitcs and individualities begin to define the place and make each picture specific in this case, to Odiham. Odiham is 'twinned' with the French town of Sordeval, and the second part of this project, which i aim to work on as a post graduate, will be to go to explore this place over a number of days/weeks and look at what Odiham's twin village has to offer photographically, dealing with the same themes as those in Odiham half of the series. The project is influenced by work such as Alec Soth's: Sleeping By The Mississippi, Jem Southam's: Landscape Stories and Richard Billingham's: Black Country.
Images from the 4th shoot

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